Why Choose SSS Technology?

Made in Germany

Our products are all manufactured in Germany then adapted to the Canadian local standard. Be assured that all our machines are of the highest quality in terms of design and manufacturing process. When you purchase machines from SSS Technology, we make sure that you can rely on them when you need them.

Higher Productivity

We have the only technology for stucco and self-levelling machines in Canada and USA. The S48 Easy machine is capable of spraying 1.200ft² in 1 hour. With the S48 Easy, your productivity will increase by 4 times compared to conventional stucco-working procedures.

Made in Germany

We are dedicated to helping your organization under any circumstances. We offer local Canadian support:

24/7 online technical support via Telephone, FaceTime, and Skype. Part replacement within one business day Free on-site training with the purchase of any machine.

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Call Us at: (780) 220-6034
Or Email us: andre@ssstechnology.ca

    Latest News:
  • "Alberta Drywall & Stucco Supply Inc" in Calgary
    We are happy to call now "Alberta Drywall & Stucco Supply Inc" in Calgary as one of our Distributor for any kind of Spray application which we provide for the Canadian market.
  • "PinkShield": Now available in our Store
    PinkShield is a high-end, fire retardant intumescent paint formulated to reduce damages that can occur from fire and moisture. Through the use of our specialized formula, PinkShield™ will slow the rate of flame spread allowing for more time to save what's important. In areas of high moisture, PinkShield's dry paint film helps to resist mildew growth - ideal for wood framed basements, attics and crawl spaces...
  • Sprayco Edmonton
    This company will provide you with an estimate for PinkShield Fireproofing Application. Protect your Home, for more information please call us at (780) 220-6034.
  • Gemini Plastering Ltd. Calgary
    Our new Calgary based costumer that use the newest technology with Spray equipment.
  • On Site Demonstration!
    You are not sure that our new Spray technology will fit to your Company.Let's give us a try. Our team will give you the opportunity to try our machines on your project.
    How this will work, give us a call at (780) 220-6034 and set up a demonstration on Site.
  • Metasiel International
    This unique Material is the key to protect your Concrete, Stone and Wood. Already tested very positive in Germany (Certification's available). "SSS Technology" is now in cooperation with the University of Edmonton in progress to make all kind of testing's to guarantee the Standard Code for the Canadian market. For more information, call us at (780) 220-6034.


SSS Technology offers high quality construction machine in Canada and USA

As one of the leading distributors of construction technologies in Canada and USA, we, at SSS Technology, provide the highest quality and most innovative construction equipment.

With our line of best-selling construction machines such as continuous mixer, screed conveyors, mixing pumps, conveying pumps, speedmix, paddle mixers, trailer pumps and pneumatic conveying system, to name a few, our partner companies and clients can increase their productivity into a new level.

Aside from importing and distributing equipment, we also customize continuous mixer, pumps, trailers and screed conveyors among others.

We have a dedicated help desk center to assist you 24/7 online. So if you are experiencing any technical issues with your screed conveyors or continuous mixer, you can just contact us via telephone, Face Time and Skype.

We also offer onsite training with any equipment you will purchase with us.

Our services expand in the whole Canada and USA area. So, give us a call today!

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Triple S | Superior Sprayed Systems Ltd.
15393 117 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB, T5M 3X4

Tel: 1 (780) 220-6034
Email: andre@ssstechnology.ca

Our Partners:
  • Uelzener Maschinen GmbH
  • Cormode & Dickson
  • Metasiel Bau Technology
  • Cano Coatings
  • Alberta Drywall & Stucco Supply Inc